Monday, August 25, 2008

Where's the Beef?

Remember that commercial...anyways....this is about food so sort of beef related. School lunches. That is the question. Half of the time my kids want school lunch and half of the time they don't. (they hate the school's pizza and some of the other items) So what's in our lunches gets a little boring. Here are some of our regulars:

Lunch meat
pb & honey (for Cam with Jelly for Brooke)
Tuna (picked up those individual packs and send it with love it)
juice box
granola bars
carrots and ranch
celery with pb
apple sauce or fruit cups
frozen gogurt (perfect by lunch time)
Brooke likes leftover mashed potatoes and gravey in her soup container.

What's in your lunches? You have anything that is a must have?


Neeley said...

O.K. This may sound strange. I take leftover hot dog buns and spread PB on both sides. I send a banana with them too. My kids peal the banana and put it in the hot dog bun like a hot dog. My kids love it! It is a PB and Banana sandwhich with a twist. Yumm-0.