Monday, August 25, 2008

What a cutie!

My cute little Addison just turned two on the 11th. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. She was my only baby to have jaundice. We put her in the front room in the sun to soak up the rays. Now that she is two she can....

*talk fairly well....better every day. She is famous for saying "" (leaves out the d) and "car hot"
*change her baby dolls diaper....even puts desatin on her bum if mom is busy and not *quick enough to notice
*kisses her own ouchies better
*loves her blankie
*counts to 3
*loves to color....even if it's just on the walls and herself
*loves to win people over (just ask half of our ward)
*folds her arms for the prayer and says amen
*buckles her car seat buckle

*does EVERYTHING on her own "I do it"
*climbs out of her crib...but if I don't get her out of her bedroom she will climb back in and go back to sleep
*goes down for naps/bedtime without fussing
*waits in her bed in the morning until she hears footsteps...then calls out for the person she heard...and is usually right
*LOVES baby dolls
*LOVES dora
*eats very well (doesn't like mac & cheese)
*opens the freezer, gets out the ice cream and then enjoys
*sprays everyone with the spray bottle we use on the kids hair and thinks it is soooo funny
*loves bike rides, parks, walks, swimming (if she doesn't put her head under) taking baths, wearing Brookes shoes or Camdens, or Eastons, or etc., sit on the potty (and do nothing)
*brings me the diapers and wipes when she needs to be changed (I know it's time to train her)
*loves grandma and grandpa
*hates her pediatrician (she has since she was about 9 months old, the other kids and I love him) when she hears him in the hall while we wait in the room she says "I scared" and then buries her head in my neck
*loves to do puzzles
*Loves her brothers and sister and quite a few of their friends
*goes to nursery without fussing if I am not the one to drop her off
*finally has enough hair to put in pig tails (she had long enough....then pulled out all the hair on one side of her hair (not kidding) she would pull it out while drinking her bottle
*loves to do whatever the big kids are doing
*screams if one of the big kids is bothering her (like kissing her or taking a toy)
*my only kid to NOT have blue eyes
*has fun curly hair that I can scrunch up
*stands at the top of the stairs and yells "Easta...tin a eat" Not only at dinner or lunch time, but when she wants him to come upstairs
*is SOOOOO very easy. She is almost always content and likes to play on her own. So many people have tended her and said "she is so easy" She was like that in utero. Neil maybe felt her move like 5 times because she would just sit content in one spot and if I felt her move it was a one time move...then she would be content again for a long time. The entire time we had her ultrasound she didn't move know little movements, but no big rolls. I even had a prenatal massage and she just sat there content. For the first two weeks I don't think she cried because we would notice her finally start to wake up so we would quickly feed her. I am telling you my easiest baby!

We love you Addie, Addie Bell, Addison Avery(named for the street Wrigley field is on and for her great great grandpa) Happy Birthday!


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I remember holding that cute little bug when you brought her home!! She is talking a lot more than Cord and I'm sure she'll be potty trained well before him (girl vs boy thing). I can't believe it's been 2 years. We miss being together!