Monday, August 11, 2008

Highlights of tonight!

Today Addie is 2! I can't believe how fast she has grown up! She is talking all the time now and surprises me with how many words she knows. Tonight Neil gave the kids blessings to send them off to school. I can't believe Addie and I will be home alone in the afternoons...with her sleeping I might have a clean house and great meals for my family! Neil gave them each wonderful blessings and even gave Brooke's friend a blessing. She lives nearby and is practically our 5th child. She lives with her mom and grandparents, so Neil was fortunate enough to give her a blessing! He did a great job. Some of tonights highlights:

1. The blessings.
2. Watching Addie blow out her candle in one huff and puff! We didn't know she knew how to blow out a candle!
3. Listening to the kids work on their articles of faith. There is nothing like hearing Eastons little voice with his little speech issues (normal 5 year old stuff). Brooke and Cam and also doing a great job.
4. Hearing great evening prayers which included things like: Bless Duncan (friend on a mission) that he will meet people, bless us to not follow our friends if they are choosing the wrong, thankful for this world we live in, bless the food (oops I forgot this isn't dinner was his immediate response and he started his prayer again) and bless us to listen to mom and dad.
5. Noticing that even Easton at 5 sat through his entire blessing with his eyes shut tight and arms folded.
6. Noticing that Addie kept her arms folded for the prayers (well most of the prayers....4 blessings is a lot of arm folding for a just 2 year old)
7. Cleaning up the dinner mess with my handsome hubby while we watch the Americans sweep the olympics in swimming....I mean how great are we doing!?!
8. Getting backpacks and lunches ready for tomorrow....seeing/hearing Camdens excitement at going full day, Eastons excitement at going to kindergarten, and Brooke's excitment at seeing her friends again (5th grade just isn't as exciting as first) This is Brooke's last year at the elementary school! Can't believe it.
9. Listening to Easton sing "this is my sacred duty" which sounds a little more like "this is my akred dusy" and hearing Brooke say that she can't wait to go to the temple (next year...aaahhh is she really almost 12)

Well those are some of tonights highlights....I have a lot of catching up to do....Camden and Addies birthdays and our vacation. Let's hope with school I will be able to clean up the house (just got back in town last night and need to finish unpacking) and then get blogging away. All in all, tonight was a great night!


ww said...

You are making me so jealous of your beautiful family. You're amazing. You might even say you're a "superstar"! :)

Mary Beth said...

This is so wonderful Shell!!! Your kids are doing sooo awesome. I am still working on my kids prayers. In fact- Brookes prayers are better than Kyle's at the moment. Kyle needs to learn to do it from the heart instead of hurry and go to sleep.

I am also looking forward to Chad's 1st father's blessings to my 2 kidlets. My dad did the exact same thing for me and my sisters every school year!! Just thinking about this coming sunday night, I am all mushy. Chad is nervous actually, but I told him, tonight after we finish our temple session, lets sit at the temple a bit longer and think about Sunday's Father's blessing. What comes to you. What a perfect place to ponder. Of course chad needs some suggestions. I have some I can suggest to him to get him started.. he will need to let his heart take him for the rest.

Anyways.. what an exciting time in your life Shell. Your kids are doing great. Your husband rocks and so do you!!!! I am glad you are back. Even my mother was asking where you were cuz I had nothing new to tell her for over 2 weeks. HAHAHA


EarlGirl said...

I love, love, love back to school father's blessings. I'm glad you guys have that tradition too.

mckellebmassmemo said...

Hey, I've missed you. Where did you go on vaca? Can't wait for more info. We thought about you guys today as you started school. We really missed walking to Red Mountain on the first day of school and sharing the excitment with you. I hope we'll be together soon!

Linz said...

What a wonderful evening! Happy birthday to Addie!!!