Friday, August 22, 2008

Holy cow....I had no idea

I had no idea how young I really was/looked when I got married. I was 19 1/2....and let me tell you that 1/2 was huge in my mind! Here we are 13 years later....and I am only does that work? I just wanted to pay tribute to my amazing husband. He is such a hard worker and a great provider. He always got up in the night with our babies. Sunday's he is the one to always cook! He has such a good understanding of the scriptures and can always explain to me things I am not getting. He is a fun dad and is so good at entertaining the kids. So much I could say. Happy 13th anniversary you!

Our reception was held in my parent's friends back yard. They have this amazing lake out back with weeping willows and this dock we are standing on.

We were married in the Portland Oregon Temple. Neil thought he was being very clever and pretending to walk down in to the water in front of us (there are steps going down into it) He is jokingly stepping down and actually does.....and comes up with a sopping wet foot!

Who knew Neil could jump so high....guess he was excited to marry me!

The Portland Temple is amazingly beautiful. Here is proof that at one time I was thin....and very young looking....look at Neil's baby face!

****Note....I am working on getting the pictures to show up larger.....maybe a computer wiz friend could help me out*****


Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Good for you! If you ever wanted to scan the photos at my house, you can do that. Then we can load them up. that's all I know. Hope you do something fun for your special day.

Linz said...

Happy anniversary!! I am sure that you looked beautiful (sorry, I can't see the pictures yet, I have bad eye sight anyway! =D) Congrats on 13 years!!

Mary Beth said...


13 years.. HOLY COW. I didn't realize we were 11 months after you almost to the day. HAHAHA. That is soooo awesome!!! You did pick a good one!!! Knew that the minute I saw him at Ricks that you done good!!!


Harts said...

Wow, so fun. 13 years is a great accomplishment, and here is to many many more :) Hey, turn the flash off your normal digital, then retake the picture with your digital...and voila, your Polaroids are now digital. They may not be perfect but I think it will work, try it ;)