Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie is in love

Addison is in love with our neighbor. The love goes both ways, Andrew loves her just as much. Yesterday in church they sat behind us. Addie spent most of the meeting hand feeding Andrew at a time. One of the kids pushed Andrew down in nursery. Addie got upset and told them "don't push down my Andrew". Having Andrew in nursery makes it much easier to drop Addie off. She sees him and doesn't cry when I leave. I got to thinking about how cute the two of them are together. Then I started to giggle. Good thing it isn't Brooke (if her and Andrew were the same age) that loves Andrew, cause if they got married her name would be....Brooke Ann Dunn. Just like the music group Brooks and Dunn! Terribly cheesy, I know. But hey, it was early and I was awake in bed when I should have been asleep!


Linz said...

HAHAHA! Brooks Ann Dunn! That's funny!

Anyway, Addie has really good taste if I do say so myself! =D They are so cute with each other!

Noelle said...

LOL, you crack me up. It is funny the places your mind goes when you should be fast asleep.

No crushes here yet, but I am sure they are not far away! N

Linz said...

I have to tell you - when Addie came over yesterday, Andrew was "napping" - but as soon as she walked in (I don't even think her name had been spoken yet) Andrew started screaming "Addie!!! Addie!!" until I finally let him out. Then, when Michael came home, he asked Andrew what he had done that day. Andrew answered, "Addie". Michael asked him if he liked Addie. Andrew cocked his head to one side, smiled, and giggled. It was soooo cute! Awww, young (really young) love!