Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little chuckle!

I found myself giggling today when I remembered something that happened about 3 years ago. We had just moved into our house and for Christmas the boys got duvet covers for their bunkbed, although we had the bunks separated at the time. I asked Neil to go make the beds for the boys while I was doing something else. I was surprised at how long it took him, but figured maybe he was playing with the boys or something. I went into the room to see the new duvets on and I found that Neil had no idea what a duvet is! He had unbuttoned the duvet, opened it up and put the mattress inside of the duvet, like you would put a pillow in a pillowcase.. The entire mattress! He thought it was to keep the covers from falling off the bed! No wonder it took such a long time. I bet it was a pain to get those in there!


Linz said...

HAHA! I'll bet that was a lot of work!