Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kids and Chores

In addition to their regular chores, the kids will this year have "decluttering" chores. Each day I will add on a small chore that will help get rid of extra junk in the house and hopefully help them develop better habits. Here are next weeks chores:

Monday-We are taking a walk! Let's take a walk through our houses and find 10 things that belong in our rooms and put them away. If you have left any shoes, jackets, toys or books lying around the house now is the time to return them to their home.

Tuesday-We are going to go into our rooms and get all of the clothes that are on the floor and put away what is clean and put the dirty clothes in the hamper or basket.

Wednesday-Today we are going to go after all of our books. Let's take a walk through our house and look for any of our books that we have left around.

Thursday-Today we going to look around our rooms at the flat surfaces of our furniture. The desk, the dresser and the nightstands. These are the places that we will just pile things on instead of throwing them away or putting them away. We are going to set a timer for 5 minutes and see how much we can throw away and put away.

Friday-Today it is time to dust! Get a feather duster and dust your dresser, nightstands and desks!

Hopefully these will catch on and become a part of their normal routine. Each activity takes about 5-15 minutes. We start Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes!


Shane and Alissa said...

I can't wait until my kids can clean up after themselves, although I assume the bigger the kid the bigger the mess.

Linz said...

great idea! Good luck!

Marleen said...

Such great ideas. I love these and will most likely do some of them with my kids. Thanks!