Thursday, January 15, 2009

Legos from Santa

Santa brought the boys Legos. They couldn't wait to put them together. Since we have Christmas at grandmas, they boys had to wait almost a full week until we got home to put them together. Wow, that was a long wait (for mom and the boys) We arrived home late one night and the next morning we were putting them together. Camden could do them alone, but I still "help" since he likes to speed through it. Easton still needs help, but I simply tell him what to put on next. He does all the work.

Easton with his rescue boat, truck and trailer!

Camden with his Star Wars ship (I am sure he knows exactly what the thing is called and I am getting it completely wrong. All I know: it is Star Wars)


Linz said...

Cool things!!! That's awesome!

MB said...

I used to think the boys looked like Neil. After all our oldie pics... I can say they look like YOU