Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anything for Chocolate?

Not my girl. We are trying to potty train little miss. I of course am trying the bribery method....if you potty you can have a candy. "No Potty, Mommy" How about some chocolate "no potty, mommy" Hmmm....what can I give her that she will actually use for incentive? I got it, how about some lipstick (aka chap stick). "go get it mommy (pushes me) I get the chap stick, she sits there, wants the chap stick. I give it to her and she holds it while she goes potty! (Cap on, I know gross, but it is now officially her "potty" chapstick and will get a new and clean one when she is all done. So do we do anything for chocolate? No, but for pretties, now that is another story?


Linz said...

It really no wonder why she and Auri get along so well. They are girly girls!

Harts said...

Ok I laughed and luaghed at the duvet cover story. MEN, ha ha ha. Well I hope you have a better experience with the Potty Training then I did with Stock. I am completely terrified of having to do it all again with Briggs...terrified, sick to my stomach, break out in little sweats...yes that is how bad it was with Stockton. Oh and yes Santa brought us a new home phone with all the buttons working so next time the girls babysit it will be no problemo :)

Shane and Alissa said...

That duvet story was hilarious! Good luck with the potty training.