Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have I convinced you yet?

Here is another attempt to get you to coupon.....last week at Albertsons if you got 3 packs (20 count) of electrasol tabs they were only $2.34 each. I think they are normall about $5 or $6. There were also coupons in the Sunday paper recently for electrasol tabs. The coupons were for $2.25 off of one box of electrasol tabs. This means....I am getting 39 boxes of electrasol tabs (39x20=780 tabs) for $3.51 plus the cost of buying the coupons (on ebay) So for about $8 I get 780 tabs=.01 per tab! Convince you yet?


Mary Beth said...

I really wish they were that cheap here!! WAHHHHH

Megan said...

You have convinced me! Going back to baby stage has completely thrown me off and I need to do some serious organization. Looks like I need you and Tricia to get me back on track! :)