Saturday, September 6, 2008


Not really....but I think perhaps Camden does have asthma. We have known since he was a baby that he has major allergies. Last year when we went to the doctor he wasn't showing any signs of having asthma...but now I think he does. The kids all had a soccer game today and they did fantastic. Camdens biggest problem was his coughing. He coughed through the entire game. I think he could run a lot harder and farther if he weren't coughing. Isn't that a sign of asthma? I have no experience with asthma....any one has any other ideas? I think I will call the doctor on Monday and get an appointment. Even though he coughed through the entire game he was still able to score....and they won 6-1!


EarlGirl said...

I never knew asthma could be coughing until my son had an attack at age 3. His came out of the blue, just a runny nose, then this cough that wouldn't go away. We had no experience with asthma. I kept giving him cough syrup, and thought that his throat was irritated. After a while, I knew something was seriously wrong when the cords were standing out on his neck and his tummy was tucking under his ribs when he tried to breathe. Scary. Yeah, it can just show up from nowhere. He's fine now, by the way. We just have to watch him extra carefully when he gets sick.

Marleen said...

Carolyn and Stephanie my in-laws both have asthma. You can contact them through their blogs. I think you have both of them. let me know if you don't.

Ashley said...

Shelley both Dallyn and Lane are asthmatic, only when they get sick though. Normal kids get runny noses and sniffles mine get bronchitis (sp) and pneumonia. Sometimes out of the blue they just start coughing and can't stop I know at that time they need a treatment. Totally not fun. To diagnosis Dallyn the dr. had him run up and down the halls for a few minutes and then listened to his chest. If your doc doesn't do that I would make him. That is unless he is having the wheezing symptoms already. Because yes you want to have him checked but he might not have symptoms and your doc probably doesn't want to go to a soccer game. That's what I know. I miss you like crazy. Did you come this summer? I may start a blog some day. Then you can get homesick looking at my kids like I do yours. I can't believe Brook. Love you!! Ashley