Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

So the countdown has begun, notice my countdown clock on my sidebar. Neil and I are going to CABO! We are beyond excited. My parents are kind enough to come and stay with the kids for a week while we head out for surf and sun and 7 days without anyone whining (unless I find a great something to buy and Neil doesn't want me to...hee hee) We are staying in an amazing looking condo (look up Pueblobonito.com) We have never gone anywhere. For our honeymoon we went to Palm Springs! We both had to get passports for this trip and can't wait to get my first stamp. I have heard that once you travel you get hooked...so hopefully this will be the first of many stamps!

This is a picture of the pool area at the condo we are staying at!

The ocean view from our condo will look a little something like this!

This is another picture I took off the condo's website. Just picture Neil and me walking down this beach in just a few short weeks!

Oh, and I am thinking that I need to plan a trip in about 630 days to celebrate, right Jalyn!? Let's plan a happy graduation trip with a bunch of couples, again no kids! Maybe a cruise?


Linz said...

sigh! I really wish we were going with you... have fun!!

mckellebmassmemo said...

I'm so there for a graduation trip. I just need to convince my husband!

About that house in the neighborhood....hopefully the market will still be terrible and it will take over 600 days to sell :) Going to school wasn't as exciting because we weren't walking with you guys.

Mary Beth said...

Your going to have so much fun. I am so excited for you!!!

ww said...

Take me with you! I don't take up much space and I speak Spanish! :)