Saturday, September 27, 2008

Janis Fanis

Janis and I have been friends since I was 12...we met at girls camp. I remember thinking instantly...oh we will always be friends! Janis is from a large family (she taught me how to say all their names really fast...and I can still do it...Brad, Claudia, Coleen, Rosanne, Cathleen, Jay, Charlene, Nancy, Susan, Janis, Michael...sick I know) My friend MaryBeth recently did a post to pay tribute to Janis. It was very sweet and I thought I would do similar...but with a twist. My favorite embarassing moment for Janis Fanis! When we were at Ricks and Janis was our RA I had a boy leave a soda pop bomb on my front door with a note that said "it would be a blast to go to the dance with you". Well the explosion shook like the whole dorm. The police man on the bike came riding up and had to investigate. It was late at night, maybe 11 pm. As the RA, Janis came and talked with the policeman, in her nightgown. My roomie told on the guy (he got community service). It was all taken care of. As they finish the conversation, Janis turns around to walk back to her room, with the cop still standing there. I look over and Janis has her nightgown tucked in her undies! Total Janis moment. She just takes these things in stride. Janis is a spiritual giant with a heart of gold. Love you Janis Fanis!


Mary Beth said...

HAHAHAHAH I REMEMBER THAT STORY. Too bad I don't remember hearing the bomb. HAHAHA I guess everyone else in the dorm heard it but me and Laurel. ROFL!!!

Awesome story I love it and I have to giggle!!!! WE BIG PUFFY HEART LOVE JANIS FANIS!!!

Linz said...

HAHA! That's funny!

EarlGirl said...

Oh, I'm so glad that wasn't me! Great story.