Monday, September 15, 2008

Today I love

What I am thankful for today:

*Clean toilets
*Seeing family this weekend at the funeral of Neils Aunt
*Aunt Elna, she was a wonderful woman and loved by all
*Great Neighbors: watched the kids so I could go with Neil to the funeral
*Addison's cute little voice: when I put her down for her nap she said, "I want *bankie" (blankie)
*clean and organized closets: upstairs I have cleaned and organized the art/play dough/coloring book etc closet, swim/towels/sheets closet, coat closet, and game closet (I made sure this house had a ton of closets)
*Easton:he is such a good big brother, I love when we drop him off at school he gives our goodbye handshake, tells me wrapped up in you (our family motto/saying) and kisses Addie goodbye
*reading book after book with my two little kids while the big kids were at school
*brotherly love: everyday when I drop Easton off, Camden is waiting at the fence so he can say hi to his little brother on his way into Kindergarten! With all the bickering two boys do, this is confirmation the love each other!
*3 hours: the time I have to myself every afternoon while 3 kids are in school and one is asleep
*chocolate chips for .49/bag (this week at Walgreen's with a coupon...ask me how if you want some)
*making brownies and sharing them with friends (our Sunday dessert time, we had stopped because of summer and are glad to be back into it....we will be inviting more people in the weeks to come (after our trip to Cabo)
*great neighbors: knowing I can call my friends/neighbors at the last minute and they will help me with my kids (thanks for Thursday Lindz)
*Primary program: watching the 3 big kids do the program, seeing Addie recognize her brothers and sister and get excited, hearing my kids do a great job. Easton was very excited to know he said his part faster then any other kid (just couldn't really understand him though)
*listening to Addie sing to herself in her crib while I type this up
*getting my shower in now that I have done my chores for the day (hate to shower until after the chores are done)
*reconnecting with friends through blogging!
*going to the park tonight for FHE to do a soccer night

What are you loving today?


Linz said...

You're welcome for Thursday! Oh, I was thinking that you should bring her over at about 10:50 and she can come with us to take the girls, then with me and Andrew to run errands. Is that okay with you?

Your kids all did great in the program! It was so fun to watch and very special to me this year, as it was my first time to have a child in the program! That was so much fun!

Thanks for sharing all that you love today! I love these posts!!