Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What...only 5 you say!

Only 5 days to do the following:

two soccer games (Brooke's team has a bye this week)
two soccer practices (easton's was cancelled)
one play practice
one activity day
one school carnival (i am in charge of the food)
one elders quorum activity/bbq
one house to clean
one car to clean out
two people to pack
four kids to get scheduled for our trip
one super saturday to get all the crafts ready for
one apron to sew (for the super saturday)
one season premier of grays anatomy to watch

can I do it? yes...but I might not be able to eat, sleep, or blog!


Darleen said...

And I thought I had a busy week!! Holy cow. You can do it, you can do it. Just think...next week it will be all over.

Linz said...

Good luck with all of that! HAHA! If you need any help, call me!!

EarlGirl said...

You just need to crawl under the covers and hide!

Marleen said...

Wow, I hope you have some help to take some bites off of your plate. So, I guess we won't be hearing from you until next week sometime.