Monday, September 22, 2008

Brooke is 11!

I can't believe Brooke is 11! I can't believe that 11 years ago today I was going through 5 hours of an amazingly easy labor! No epidural! The entire time the lady in the next room was screaming her head off....and I don't think I said one word the entire time!

Brooke had a "double" birthday party with her BFF Brianna, her birthday was the 17th!

Pretty cruddy picture...but the idea was doublemint. The invitation said, "double the birthdays, double the fun" and we attached a pack of doublemint gum. The cakes were two different packs of gum that said Brooke or Brianna instead of double mint! They were pretty cute!

This was the easiest party I have ever had for my kids. They watched princess bride and played a few games. But I was informed that I wasn't suppose to be there for the entire party. I guess she is old enough that I am not cool anymore!

After eating pizza, playing twister, watching the movie, opening presents and eating cake the girls packed up and went home! Best party! We love you Brookie! You are a great girl! So helpful, smart and dedicated. Anything Brooke decides she wants to do, she does it whole heartedly! I have had more then one friend mention they need their own Brooke because she is so helpful with littler kids. She loves to babysit, read, play piano (just started taking lessons) and cook! She is amazing with her brothers and sisters! We love you Brooke!


Linz said...

Happy birthday Brooke!!! What a beauty!