Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Cereal?!

For those in Utah, and perhaps others that have Albertsons (check you ad) there is a great deal this week! If you buy 4 bags of malt o meal cereal they are only $1 each making them 4 for $4! That is a great deal....but if you go to the links below you will be able to print coupons for $1 off or $.75 off one bag of cereal. This makes them Free or for a quarter! How can you beat free cereal. You can print twice from each computer, just press the back button and print it a second time. If you have access to more then one computer....lucky you! Neil has 3 or 4 computers at I get lots of coupons from him! Good luck....let me know if it works. Remember with this sale you have to buy in increments of can't get 5,6,or 7 boxes...but you can get 4 or 8 or 12 etc. Get it?!