Monday, February 16, 2009

Church bag

I am finding that we have so much stuff in our church bag that it makes a big mess. I am wanting to scale down how much and what we take to church. Somehow power rangers have made their way in....and those just don't lead to quiet time in church. I like having books for Addie to look at...although anything with farm animals doesn't work because she likes to make their noises loudly. What do you like to put in your what age do you stop taking treats? No matter what time we eat before church, my kids are suddenly starving during sacrament meeting. Any suggestions?


Harts said...

I love your picture in the post below, the 70's style was awesome! And for the church bag...I can't help you there, I am guilty of bringing toys and treats too. Hmmm, maybe for the kids that can read you can bring the FREIND instead of other books? And how about a coloring book for Addi?Ok those are kind of lame ideas but it's all I have ha ha ha.

MB said...

My bag has paper, color pencils then for the markers i have those kind that are clear, and you need the coloring book to use it on? you know those magic crayola thingies.. color wonder or something? My kids are so quiet and I know nothing will get on the clothes/church things.

Then I have one of those water books. the pen holds water and you paint over for it to show up. It dries and you start over again.

I have a book for kyle from the bookstore he got - I think when you were with me at the book store- got the quiet time book. He loves that. Then of course I have treats.

I have a few finger puppets in there. That keeps her busy.

kyle really shouldn't be playing or eatting but like you said.. he turns to MUSH starving right at sacrament time.. even if he ate less than 45 min ago at home.

Carolyn said...

Amen sister!

We have all the same type of stuff...

Color wonder markers and paper
The friend magazine

I also went to one of those stores for learning toys and supplies and forked out a few bucks for some cool magnet toys. It basically is a board the size of a book that has a picture of all different rooms of a house and then the magnets are of the family members, pets, and house stuff.

We were lucky enough to have my parents bring us some awesome quiet books from their mission in the Philippines.

The only trick I know of it to have a secret stash of church bag supplies so that I can rotate through them and keep the girls interested.

amber said...

Our church bag is a mess too. I just don't think about it until Sunday morning and then it's too late. The one thing that I stopped doing almost a year ago was bringing treats and sippy cups and it has made a huge difference. I just got tired of the kids fighting over the snacks and Cheerios ending up smashed all over the floor so one week I just stopped bring it. The kids threw a big fit for a couple of weeks - we're hungry, we need a drink etc. but after a few weeks they just stopped asking.

amber said...

As a side note, call me if you really want to do pictures!