Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great friends!

There is nothing better then great friends. I love having friends that inspire me to be a better person. Friends that teach me things. Tonight we had 3 families over for a little superbowl dinner. Valerie, with her hubby and two boys, Lindz, with her hubby and cute boy and girl (ANDREW for Addie) and Alissa, with her hubby her little boy and girl. We projected the game on the wall above our stairs so we watched the game in a 5x12 area! The men we in t.v. heaven. The girls? We chatted and had a great time together. We always have a good time together, we just don't do it often enough. The kids? Had fun taking out every toy in the basement. Thats ok...this is just the push I have needed to go through the toys. We have far too many! I loved having Val, Lindz and Alissa over. Only problem? They are all runners and are somehow getting me to go with them this week. You know me, I hate to sweat, so this will be a definate challenge.


Carolyn said...

I did see those pictures of Aaron. He was so cute. I thought he looked alot like our Ava! I can't help you with the not liking to sweat part! I hate it too and for some reason I sweat twice as much as anyone I'm running with. I owe all my running to great friends who were runners too. I use to hate running! Why would anyone want to do it??? They were so patient with me, the beginner. That was almost 5 years ago that I started but then stopped after a couple 5K's because I had kids. Now I just started back up in August and ran my first 5K in October. It was hard! I'm not going to lie, but so rewarding! I've now lost 27lbs! And once I reached running 4 miles, I felt like I could keep going! I only ramble to you about all this because I'm so glad I started running and just MADE myself get out the door! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much too! I'm secretly training for the St. George Marathon in October... maybe I'll see you out on the trail! :)

Linz said...

You did great this morning! Well, done!