Monday, April 14, 2008

Another great coupon deal

Went to rite-aid and got a great deal:

1 colgate total-2.49 (get 2.49 in rebate) had 1.50 coupon = I make 1.50
1 extreme clean aquafresh toothpaste 2.49 (get 2.49 back) = free
hormel chili .99 each got two, had coupon for .55 =.71 each
duracell batteries: on sale for 6.49, had coupon for 1.00=5.49
sunsilk shampoo: 2/$6, had two coupons one was a bogo, other was 1.50=.75 each
finesse: 2.50 each, get that back in rebate, but had a coupon so made $2.00

total paid 22.96, but get back 10 in rebate, so will have paid 12.96



EarlGirl said...

Wow, that's awesome! Do you have any special program you're using?

Mary Beth said...

22.96 and get 10 back means 12.96??

Either way YOU ARE ROCKIN IT GIRL!!! You make me so proud *sniff sniff*

Now to get that total to 1.29.. but your on your way to freebie land soon!! WOOT WOOTTTTT

Marleen said...

That is amazing! I wish I was that diligent with rebates and coupons. Way to go.

mckellebmassmemo said...

That's awesome! That is something I just can't make myself do but good for you! Have you met the neighbors yet? Are the pretty purple blossoms on my tree? That's the one thing I really miss about my house. I wish I could have taken that tree with me. PS you've been tagged (again but it's different)see my blog for details.

Linz said...