Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hurry Hurry Hurry Firetruck

So two weeks ago, I know I am slow to post, Easton had a field trip for preschool. So I loaded up all three kids and we went down the street to the firehouse. We had a great time. We saw where they sleep, eat and train. We also got to see how they get ready (dressed) for a fire. The highlight was going inside the ambulance and fire trucks. Here are my 3 junior fire fighters!

Easton and Addison inside the ambulance.

Addison in the ambulance while Camden checks out all the gloves and the front of the ambulance.

Camden inside the fire truck. They even flashed the lights for us. They didn't do the sirens because there were already twins from the morning class that were bawling. The poor teacher, who is 8 months preggo, was trying to carry both of these 4 year olds while they clung to her for dear life. We had a great time!


Linz said...

What a fun field trip!! I love firefighters!

Darleen said...

That sounds like a really fun field trip! Maybe I should make a suggestion at Stella's preschool.

MB North said...

OOH I remember when my kids did this. THEY LOVEDDDD IT!!!