Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dancin with the stars

I want to start this post saying we do not watch a lot of reality t.v. We occasionally see dancing with the stars and American Idol....but I guess it has struck a cord with my kids. I found a piece of paper downstairs that said the following:

Dance Off
4. John S.
2. Justice B.
3. Keat S.
1. Devin S.

(Side note....Camden's name when they are pretending is always Keat and Easton always uses Devin...I guess their friends like to use their own names since both John and Justice were here that day...also I left off their full last name and just wrote their initial, but on the paper was written their last names)

1st Justice
2nd John
3rd Devon

Deven-Cool floor work, keep working on that cartwheel!
Justice-Work on the cartwheel but you kept me happy through it all
Keat-It was a little messy. It was pretty cool
John-a little jerky and stiff good foot work

(this is word for word what was written...and apparently they couldn't decide how to spell Devin since it is spelled 3 different ways. My favorite part is "you kept me happy through it all" Doesn't that just sound like one of those judges? I love when my kids are creative and having fun together)


mckellebmassmemo said...

That is so cute!! Isn't it amazing what kids come up with?