Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My perfectionist

So yesterday and the end of Brooke practicing her violin, which she hates to do because it cuts into her friend time, this is our conversation
Me:good job, sounds good
Brooke:do you just say that
Me: what do you mean
Brooke: Like are you just saying that, cause I think I sound awful
Me: You mean, am I lying to you? Of course I mean it
Brooke: well I don't think so
Me: Well I don't think that you could sit down and play any song in the world, but I think that for what you have learned so far and for how long you have been taking lessons you sound great. The difference is, you want to be perfect now! I still think you sound great!

So do you think our kids really think we just tell them good job even if they don't need it, or do they just need that extra reassurance once in a while. Brooke wants to be perfect at everything. Drives her nuts if she misses a note! I still think she sounds great and as soon as I figure out how to put sound on my blog videos I will post her playing the violin!

On a side note, a few weeks ago for family night we played softball. We went with two other families and the two girls that play softball worked with Brooke on her technique. I have no athletic ability and Brooke has now signed up to play softball for the first time. Well two days ago Brooke made the top two for her class for the softball distance throw. Today is the entire 4th grade competition, and the top two from each class are in it. So we will see. The practicing must have really paid off!


EarlGirl said...

That's funny. You can't just give a compliment these days, can you?

Linz said...

Okay - during her lesson yesterday she DID sound perfect (or very close!) I told her that, but please reminder her that her TEACHER thinks she sounds great!

Also, I asked about soccer and she said it was fun, but then added "but we haven't won a single game." I think imperfection really does bother her!

Linz said...

Oh, but I also had that problem at her age. I hated the learning process, and "knew" that I sounded horrible. Maybe we should have an intervention and explain that you have to walk before you can run! I just love Brooke and don't want her to hate violin just because she isn't the best yet. But just wait, when she gets into 6th grade orchestra and is one of the onlys that actually know how to play, she will be feeling great!