Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy weekend

Had a really busy weekend, but didn't really go anywhere. Friday after dinner we rode our bikes to the elementary school and I did a little jogging (I know, twice in one week is too much for you to believe). Neil thought he was going to jog with me, but he soon learned he could walk as fast as I jog. I figure I am working my way up and don't want to burn myself out. He ended up riding bikes with the kids while I ran (using the term loosely) around the track 4 times. Let me also tell you that this track is not regulation length...normal tracks are 4 times=1 mile...this this track is longer and 3 times=1 mile. Saturday we cleaned the entire house...I mean cleaned. I unscrewed the jets on the bathtub and cleaned each of those individually. I am just hoping the kids let me have a little sanity and keep it clean for at least a day. We moved furniture around in Eastons room and just did lots of house stuff. Then Neil and I went on our weekly date. We try to go every Saturday...but doesn't always happen. We usually end up going to dinner....and then to the grocery store. Romantic huh? It is just so nice not to have anyone with me nagging to get everything they see. So hopefully with a clean house (oh and both freezers organized too) we will have a much less stressful week ahead!


Linz said...

Good job getting the house cleaned! And Way to Go on the jogging! I ran about a half mile Saturday night, but it was the last half mile of my normal walk. I should probably run somewhere in the middle. Anyway, I did okay and totally could have gone further! (Mind, I didn't run very fast either!) Good job girl!

Mary Beth said...

Come clean mine?? LOL JK

We planned on that saturday then had the scare with chad.. so then that never happened.. maybe next weekend?? oh wait chads gone fishing.. maybe the weekend after.. oh wait.. thats mothers day weekend.. ok well maybe in june? HAHHA