Monday, April 7, 2008


We have been very busy at our house watching soccer games. Last week we ONLY had 4, with only 2 kids playing. But it has been so much fun to see the improvement they have made in such a short time. I can only imagine how much better they would be if their teams actually held practice! Yep, they don't have practice, so no one has told them what to do to improve or what the actual rules are.

Brooke is excited to be playing on the same team as our neighbor Samantha. Brooke played goalie for 1/2 of one game and did a great job. No one scored on her!

Camden is playing on the same team as this boy, Justice. I swap tending with his mom each week so that I can go to Brooke's class to teach sign.

Camden is the superstar on his team this year. Last year he was the young kid who didn't know any of the rules. This year he is the oldest and scores on average 2 goals per game. This is a picture right after one of those goals, where he is walking away trying not to look too proud! Man am I though! I love when my kids have somthing they can feel proud about. You can just see their little spirits lifting and realizing just how amazing they really are!


mckellebmassmemo said...

WOW, these pics really make me miss home...the red rocks, blue sky, and your kids!!! I'm very excited for them! I wish Mason wasn't "done with sports". Although here most of their games are played on sunday so I guess it's OK we don't have to worry about that conflict.

Linz said...

HAHAHA!! I LOVE the smile on his face!! What a cutie! Good job to both of them!