Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm beginning to look a lot like MB

No I haven't gotten shorter, just my couponing skills are increasing! I can't get my pictures to upload, but I will.

Here are today's shopping deals....

Walgreens:Dawn dish soap on sale for .99, also had two coupons for .50 = .50 each
7 up: 4/$5, but had two buy one get one (bogo) coupons=.62 each (we don't buy soda, but are going to a family reunion this summer so we will provide soda for cheap)
Kraft mac and cheese: on sale for for .59 (didn't have a coupon, but good price for first 4)
hunts tomato sauce (8oz) first 4 are .29, but had a coupon for .40 =.19 each
ban deodorant: on sale for 1.99, had two coupons =1.40 each
trident gum: bogo and had a coupon for .75= .22 each

Grand totals:11.01 in Walgreen coupons
.56 in walgreen advertised savings
5.80 in manufacturer coupons
Total savings 17.37
paid 10.53


Mary Beth said...


I have to do my walgreens. I am going to do the dawn and the trident and the hunts as well. :) YAYA

I will look for the trident link for you today for a coupon that is BOGO so you can get more free!!


Mary Beth said...

LOL on the not getting shorter.. HEY who you calling SHORT??