Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I was tagged...but I have already done it so I am making up my own!

1. Current church calling: I have two....I interpret at the deaf branch and I am the ward enrichment leader.
2. Favorite calling: nursery leader...loved coming up with fun activities to do
3. worst calling: we were brand new in a ward/town and I was put in as the visiting teaching supervisor. I had to call and see if everyone did their visiting teaching. Everyone hated me calling and they didn't even know who I was!
4. most time consuming calling: young womens Pres.
5. calling learned the most from: again young womens pres.
6. husbands calling: 2nd counselor in young mens, varsity scout coach, and young mens sports guy (don't know what they call it)
7. favorite scripture story: 3 Nephi when Christ shows the people the prints in his hands!
8. What row do you sit in: (I know everyone has their "assigned" seats) we sit in the third row, left center. The hutchings sit behind us and the Labrums next to us
9. Best teacher you ever had at church: toughie....but I would say that right now I am loving a gal that teaches in Relief Society in the ward I am in now. She always makes me think! Sandy Holliday
10. Where were you sealed (if applicable) Portland Oregon
11. Where were you endowed (if applicable) Oakland CA
12. Favorite temple: ummmm love Portland, but have learned the most in the St. George
13. Great church memory: Lost a tooth at church when I was a kid
14. Who baptized you, any good story with it? My dad, the kids in the gym were playing basketball and my mom had to make them stop because every time they bounced the ball we could hear it! there you have it. Can you think of any other fun questions? Consider yourself tagged...if you are LDS!


Darleen said...

Wow! Lots of different callings. I'm surprised your favorite was nursery leader. Everyone I know seems to dread it.

Linz said...

That was cute!