Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't see me naked

This morning as I am trying not to wake up I hear Easton saying, "Camden, it is time to wake up" Not 5 minutes later I hear him say, "Brooke go back to sleep, I don't want you to see me naked!" When asked about it he tole me he wanted her to be awake, just not to get out of bed! For some reason seeing his four year old hiney get dressed was not acceptable. My answer? Then don't run around the house naked!


Linz said...

Tee hee hee!

Darleen said...

I've always wondered when children start recognizing that it's not okay to walk around naked. I'm always getting dressed in front of my children but they are still so young--well, Stella is getting older. Perhaps I need to start shutting my door!

Hey--I would definitely be down to doing a little swap-a-rrooo! The only thing is I just don't think there is enough time between now and Easter for me to pick out a pattern and fabric and send it to you. No joke--the closest fabric store to me is either in the city or NJ. I only have Michaels or Walmart--it's ridiculous. Any suggestions? But I still want to take you up on your offer--can I still send you something. I'm hoping to head into the city sometime this month.