Friday, March 14, 2008


My cute friend Marleen has been experiementing with making her own sushi. Those who know me well know that this sushi is the closest I will probably ever come to it! I am not a fish lover! Found this great idea for a baby gift idea!
Here is how the gal says to make them....1st use a plastic take out container. Inside are six pairs of baby socks, 3 black, 3 white. All I did was roll one white sock up and roll a black sock around it. Then I secured it with a rubber band on the bottom. I used felt to cut out the fake tuna, green grass and ginger. To keep the gift in theme, I added a child's pair of chopsticks. Wouldn't this be a great baby shower gift. From first experience as a mother, I can tell you there's never enough socks. ! Hope you enjoy your sushi!


Linz said...

Cute! That's the only sushi I would have too!!!

Mary Beth said...

This is so cute

But I LOVE SUSHI. And I haven't had it since my birthday in december. YUM YUM!!!!!!

Cute gift!! LOVE IT

Marleen said...

I love this idea. It goes so well with what I love.