Thursday, March 20, 2008

He shoots, he scores!

Camden had his first soccer game, without ever having a practice, and he scored a goal! The first half of the game he was goalie...and did a great job. His only problem with being goalie was when one kid from his own team decided he wanted to be goalie and "helped" him stop the ball. It is so cute to watch this peewee team play. When Camden scored it wasn't an oop's shot. He set up the shot and kicked hard. The ball sailed past the goalie, who was trying to stop it. As Cam ran back down the field past us he looks over and gives us a big grin and two big thumbs up. Can't wait to see how the next game goes. Pictures to come.


Linz said...

WOOOOOO!!! All right Camden!! Way to go!!

Laurel Stimpson said...

Your Camden definitely has a good attention span . . . My boy makes better goalie than a scorer. He always was fooling and running around the ball that are being bouncing between other players. I am trying him into baseball now.

Thanks for the link to peasinbucket . . . I really love it. I have been using layout idea books like Imagine, Cherish and they have been helping me too.

Darleen said...

it sounds like he is a natural