Sunday, March 9, 2008

Signing Time with Addie and Mommy(to the signing time tune)

After a little coaxing (I mean shoving her head) Addison finally agreed to perform. Here she signs...candy, ice cream, eat, Dad, mommy, more, baby, bath, please and thank you! (well, her versions of the signs. Enjoy!


Linz said...

SOOOOOOO cute!!! She is so very smart!

Marleen said...

She does great with her signs. We teach a little sign with our kids and watch Signing Time with them. It has really helped with communicating with them.

Laurel Stimpson said...

Adorable! A great job with teaching her sign language. As you will discover, it will cut out a lot of tantrums and frustrations! My kids are able to sign early as eight months old and loving being able to get what they need!
To answer your question: My kids are hearing. They talk up a storm with anybody that talks and signs up a storm with anybody that signs. Sometimes it is so funny to see that my kids confuse either to be other. Signing to people that can't. Ha ha.
Since that you are attending St. George Branch, do me a favor- tell the Burdetts hello for me. Joy Burdett is a such sweetie enough to take the time to teach me and my sister in the primary.