Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let the painting begin

We finally got Easton's room completely painted. It was quite the process...but it is all one color now! Here are some of the highlights of painting three kids bedrooms...all while one is napping. It took a lot of planning to make get painting done while she was asleep. Neil didn't think about putting on a mask while he sprayed the primer and ceilings...this is the unfortunate result. He was sneezing paint the rest of the day!

All the kids wanted to help out and Brooke did an especially good job on the cutting in.

The boys also helped....but unfortunately they can only paint the bottom third of the wall. We let them help with the first coat...and then Neil did the second coat all alone. We had a great time...but are glad it is over.


Linz said...

Nice color! Sorry about the sneezing! Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way (I tend to have to re-learn the hard way a lot too!)

I can't wait to see pics of the finished rooms!!

Marleen said...

I love that color. Your husband is a trooper. I'm impressed, it sounded like you did it in one day. That would be crazy.

Mary Beth said...

OMGosh!!! Look at Neil!! Thats just plain funny!! Sounds like something Chad would do!!!

I love the color tho. Was there flooring in his room?

Can't wait to see it finished!!!

Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

I love the pictures of your family painting. Just needed a picture of you too!