Friday, March 14, 2008

Perfection in a little yellow package!

As I sit here eating my banana for breakfast, I can't help but think of it's perfection. Why is a banana perfect? Bananas can be consumed at every meal. Slice it and put in on your bland bowl of cheerios and they suddenly become a treat. They pack perfectly in a childs lunch box...and rarely come home uneaten. They are perfect in both breads and pies. Try dipping it in a little chocolate and you are indulging yourself. The obvious is in a banana split. And how many of us have had them while camping...the famous banana boat! A banana is one of the few items at our house where everyone loves them. This rarely happens. There is nothing cuter then watching your one year old sign banana when we are at the grocery store and squeal with anticipation of eating one! Bananas are the very first item in the BRAT diet. Those with mothers know the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet is consumed when your precious dears have been vomiting at 3 in the morning! In honor of the banana I looked up a few unknown facts. 1. Bananas help with anemia. 2. Bananas help lower blood pressure 3. Bananas help boost brain power 4. When you have heart burn, eat a banana 5. Bananas help with depression Note: The banana plant is not a tree. 6. bananas are noted to help with warts...simply place a piece of banana skin on the wart (yellow side out) and wrap with a bandage 7. before reaching for anti-itch cream, rub a piece of banana skin on a mosquito bite and the inflamation and itch will begin to disappear! All this and what does perfection cost you? A mere 50 cents a pound! Bananas are daughter even has a little ditty she sings with her cousin to honor the banana....
Bananas of the world unite (hands go over head)
Peel to the left (left arm goes to the side)
Peel to the right (repeat with right arm)
Go bananas, go, go bananas, go!(twist arms like wheels on the bus while you and your friend do-se-do)
Go bananas, go, go, bananas, go! (repeated, on the last go arms are thown up in the air)
Take a bow bananas...we love you!
(send me your favorite banana recipe and I will post it on the cupcake blog!)
By the way...a banana plant is not a is actually the world's largest herb!


Marleen said...

We consume them on a regular basis in our home. I must agree with everything. They must be perfect. Your daughter is cute making up such a fun song.

Mary Beth said...


And it is a huge fruit in our house. The kids love as do we!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!

I am going to send you a cake recipe that chad made up. It started as a banana bread recipe but he changed it up, and added stuff and now it is a cake that my family asks chad to make whenever he can.

We have so many bananas all the time that if before any goes bad I am bagging them up to freeze. NO WAY do I waste them because they make the best breads!!!

You are too cute! I love this post!!!!!