Friday, March 7, 2008

Girl Scout Leader! I thought I could add that little tidbit of information to my a-z list and get away without telling the full story. I guess I was wrong. Here is the 4th grade my g.s. leader divorced her husband. She was seeing a counselor and one day while leaving his office her husband short her 6-8 times. He then went to hijack an airplane so he could go kill her parents. It was later discovered that he was like a drug dealer or something! I know what you are thinking...isn't this a storyline on days of our lives? Oh lovely friend from 4th grade Kara Koerner lost both her parents that terrible day. I hear that she is now a lawyer in California, although I haven't seen her since....she went to live with her aunt. Her father now sits in Carson City at the prison trying to get out on some technicality..with so strange "girlfriend" helping him! See I am not as boring as I appear to be!


Linz said...

Holy crow. I still can't get over that! How horrible!