Monday, March 17, 2008

Fast food anyone?

Yesterday while getting ready for church Camden comes in my room and says, "mom, is today fast food Sunday?" While supressing a giggle I reply,"No, it's not bud" He says, "Good, cause I am starving"! You know, cause my 6 year old fasts sooooo much! (aka never)! Gotta love myboy!


mckellebmassmemo said...

I love fast food sunday! So does Mason. When we drive to church we pass a McDonalds. He tries constantly to get us to stop for lunch because he is going to die before we get home. He hasn't been successful yet, but he keeps trying (and he is still alive, amazing)

Linz said...

HAHAHAHA!!! What a cutie!

Mary Beth said...

HAHAHAH FAST FOOD. That is so funny Shell. I love that.

Yeah I am guilty about the fast food day. :( We never remember it is fast food day till it is too late. We are bad. :(