Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tradition! Tradition! (as if I were singing on Fiddler on the Roof)

So I have been thinking a bit about traditions. Each of us have little traditions, some without knowing what they are. For instance each time Brooke walks out the door for school I say "love you, have a nice day". Well we have a tradition of sorts in our family, our family song. It isn't a profound aha kind of song. In fact Garth Brookes sings it. Wrapped up in you. The song says such things as "I need you like a penny needs a wishing well, baby, completely, wrapped up in you". Often in the car we turn it on and the whole family sings along, well I must say Addie bops her head". When the kids are dropped off at school or friends or where ever I say to them,"remember" and they answer back with "wrapped up in you". Sometimes they say "remember" and I answer back. It is our little way of saying "I am thinking of you, I love you, I need you in my life because you are important" They kids in carpool have even picked up on it and one of the boys (age 5) jumped out of the car and said "remember Shelley":) His mom asked me one day what it meant because she had heard him say it a time or two. In their family they have a motto,"no empty seats" At the end of family prayer everyone puts their hands in and they say their motto, like you would do at the end of a soccer game. Their motto means everyone comes to family prayer, but more importantly, they want everyone in their family to make it to the celestial kingdom together! I love that! I think these kind of traditions tie families together! They give kids a sense of security! They know they are loved and belong! My question is, what traditions do you have? Do you have a family song, motto or saying? What do you say that perhaps I can steal!!!Let me know in your comments!


Lindsay Dunn said...

That's so sweet! Our family always says "I love you" when someone is leaving. ALWAYS. No exceptions.

We also have a few family songs. Right now the most prevelent is "Music in me" (HSM2) and "Everything" by Michael Buble. There are others, but they are too embarressing to share! =D

Thanks for sharing!

The Plummers said...

Shelley! I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm so excited to read up on what your family has been up to! It's been too long!

Okay, traditions...maybe this is generic and everyone does this, but Aaron and I always end every phone conversation with each other saying, "I love you." Even if it's just a really short call. Maybe some people say do this as a reflex but we talked about this early in our marriage, and wanted to make a conscious effort to always make sure the other feels loved. I love the idea of having a family song! We need to try that!

MB North said...

Traditions.. everytime someone gets out of the car dropping off, or leave we say I LOVE YOU but also in ILY signlanguage. My grandpa used to say this then now my mom says it with Kyle and now we say it.. its so silly but "i love you gooder than snuff and banannas" I dunno why.. but the kids giggle and I can say I love you gooder than snuff.. and they will come back with bannanas, or get silly and say oranges or something else they love." I am sure there are others if I think about it. But reading your blog made me cry. Its one of those days but that is reallly sweet Shelley. I steal everything else from you.. so I may steal that!!! I love it