Monday, January 14, 2008

Wednesday Letters

I just recently finished reading the book "Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright. It was a pretty good book. Not one of those I will read it again and again books, but one that I enjoyed reading and it made me think. The story is about an older couple that run a B&B. They both pass away on the same night and when their three grown children come home for the funeral they find that their father has written their mother a letter every Wednesday for their entire marriage. So of course secrets come out through reading these letters. I find it very interesting...the thought of sitting down and thinking about your spouse every week. I think that thought has potential!


Jason Wright said...

Glad you liked it1 Even though you said you wouldn't read it again :)

And by the way, cute kids!

MB North said...

Very cool Shell!! I like that thought.. writing a letter once a week!! How cool!!!

LOL How did you get the author to sign your blog. Your such a nerd!! XOXO

Sleepless in St. George said...

i think that the book
must be verry intaresting
to make you think
love brooke schwendiman