Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Countdown

If you are LDS you know what countdown I am talking about: the countdown to entering nursery! While I adore Addison and love being with her and holding her and reading books to is time for her to enter nursery. I am excited to listen to the lesson in relief society, listen to announcements, not worry if Addison is going to shake Sister Jacks wheelchair (again) and not have to leave because Addie is talking too loud. While I know this is a time I will never have again, I also know that at some point I have to let her go and have fun. She is just too busy and too old to not be in nursery! So goodbye to the days of missing class...hello to the days of dropping off a screaming child at the nursery door!

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MB North said...

Yours goes in and mine leaves.

But I hear you 18 months ago I knew the feeling well. I could NOT wait for that to happen.

And look what happens now. Now I am the person you go leave your kid at and run. I get your fussy cry baby and teach them about we are thankful for fish! HAHAHAHA

WOOHOO ADDIE.. Won (1) mo' month.. 1 mo' month (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)