Friday, January 4, 2008

True Friends are hard to find

You know...sometimes true friends are hard to find. It seems like everytime I find great friends
one of us moves away. Just moments ago we watched our great friends and neighbors, the McKellebs, drive away for the last time. They are moving to Mass. to attend law school. While we are very excited for them and their new adventure...we are sad to see them go. We will miss the Easter egg hunts, pumpkin patch pictures, first day of school pictures, scrapbooking, babysitter, sleepovers, neighborhood bbq's and all the other fun things we did together. Goodbye McKelleb's we will miss having you as great neighbors!

Pumpkin Patch picture 2007: Brooke, Camden, Easton and Addison Schwendiman Chelsea, Breanna, Mason and Cord McKelleb

First day of school 2007: left to right Brooke, Samantha, Breanna McKelleb, Mason McKelleb and Camden

Here are the kids on our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch for picture taking. In the picture are neighbors Kaytlun and Tylee Cottam, Brooke, Camden, Easton and Addison, and the McKellebs:Chelsea, Mason and Breanna.

Here is the kids on their first day of school 2006: Kierstin, BREANNA MCKELLEB, Samantha, Brooke, Tylee, Colby and MASON MCKELLEB


mckellebmassmemo said...

Not Fair! this made me cry. We are trying to get adjusted, but I don't even have anyone to put down as my "emergency contact" for school. Can I put down your number again?