Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Neil to the rescue

So today I took a little me time. I got a little gal in the ward to tend while I went shopping...alone! I went to target and got Addie a new dress (am hoping to use it for family pictures) it is white eyelet. Then I went to Michael's and was amazed at the deals. 80% off clearance. I found the cutest Martha Stewart kits. It consists of cute boxes for cupcakes and the stuff to decorate the box. $4.00! I can't wait to take cupcakes to my visiting teaching gals! Then I went to the mall and just looked around. Suddenly I saw it, I could hear harps playing, angels singing, and there was this glow! (well maybe not, but I could just imagine it) Pretzal time. I am some crazy girl and love a pretzal with cheese and a lemonade. Not really on my health kick. I walked by, confident in my ability to not stop! I went to sears, but they didn't have what I needed. Then I had to walk by again. I could see the girl was just taking fresh soft warm ones out of the oven. I could smell them. My mouth began to water as my confidence began to fade:( I slowly began walking over...just to smell them a little better. Oh dang, I know the confidence is gone now. Fine, I'll do it and just do the elliptical a little longer tomorrow. I approach, my hands shaking a little. Ring, Ring, (or I should say the song bubbly begins to play) Saved by a call from Neil. I am reminded why I am passing by the pretzal place and quickly walk towards my car. Only to be accosted by the hand cream kiosk lady! Thanks Neil....once again you have saved me...and made your chances of winning a little harder heeheehee!


Linz said...

HAHA! You're stronger than I am! Good for you and YEA to Neil!

Mary Beth said...

You are so funny!!! I needed a good laugh tonight!!