Monday, January 14, 2008

Contest Time who doesn't like a little competition? I am over the top when it comes to competition. So here is one for sweet, dear, kind, wonderful friend Shelly is being not so sweet, dear, kind and wonderful. She has another blog that she has mentioned....but won't tell anyone what it is! AAARRRGGGG! The only thing she will say is that she has left clues to it on her other blog. Here is the contest....from my blogging friends follow the Shelly Edwards link. Somewhere on this blog is a clue to her other blog. Be the first one to figure it out and you will get a prize! Gift card or something! Good luck and may the games begin. By the way.....I already spent an hour trying everything I could think of and I can't handle not knowing anymore. Does this mean something is wrong with me?


MB North said...

I cant figure it out. No clue... LOL I looked myself but didnt know what I am looking for. LOL SORRY!!! I tried If I found it I would of told ya so you could win LOL

Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

Wow! So I left some clues on my blog for you. Honored that you want to find it so badly. Good luck.