Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hoop Dreams

Today Camden had his first basketball practice. It is his first time playing on a basketball team. He is definately the youngest player on the team. While he is out there I just keep hoping and praying that he will catch on quickly and be coordinated. I don't have dreams of an NBA allstar, but I would love to watch him excel at a sport. I would love to sit in the stands of the local high school and cheer him on to victory. I have such fond memories of watching my brother play sports, I would love to do that with my boys. I also hate to see my kids not have confidence because they fail at something. Yet I know they learn from those experiences. Am I wrong to want these things? Is it wrong for me to be proud of my kids when they are great at something? Where is the line that one crosses when they are proud of their kids and when they become prideful? I guess I will have to take it up as a matter of prayer and hope that I haven't crossed the line. For now I will continue to encourage Camdens interest in basketball....even if we end up with the worst team or if Camden ends up being the worst player. At least he will have fun and hopefully I won't be the parent on the bench that embarrasses their kid with bad behavior:)


MB North said...

I know exactly how you feel. Kyle playing ball was sooo fun and I was the one with the kid that played so horribly. BUT ... by the end of the season he has improved so much he was made MIP of the entire league. (most improved player) A kid that was scared to DEATH of the ball pitcher machine and would duck every time.. to smacking the ball and getting to base and really playing 3rd base well. It was a great feeling. So.. if you do get to be that embarassed mom with the kid that can't play.. Keep the screaming and the hollering. Cuz at this age.. they WANT you to do that.. once they get older.. you have to behave yourself.. So get it out of your system now! LOL