Monday, January 7, 2008

Will Sign For Food

Addison will now sign for food. That is usually the only time I can get her to sign for the camera. But with the incentive (not bribe) of a hershey kiss she will sign away! Her she is signing candy!

Here is Addison signing ice cream!

Doesn't it make you want to teach every baby to sign! I just think it is adorable to see her sign and she lets me know through sign that she does or doesn't want something...which helps since she isn't talking a whole lot right now. Although when we read books I turn the page and she saw "Whoa" like Joey did on that show Blossom! If you remember Blossom leave a comment!


MB North said...

She is so dang cute. And I can't believe you put her on top of that counter top!! Shes going to fall and bust her widdle head!! (kidding!!)

I love her signing. AND so proud of you!! You getting all techno no on me Shell. You gonna make me cry!! Videos, YouTube.. watch out world.. Shell is going to take over!! ILY

MB North said...

Oh yeah wanted to say I LOVE BABY SIGNS!!! My Friend Stacy showed me her 11 mos old signing all done, and more and water tonight. Crazy!!! Can't wait to see more of Addie signing!!