Thursday, January 10, 2008


As you can see my new obsession in tickers! I love counting down to things and seeing how the progress is going! I guess it's the OCD part of me. I also have to finish one tube of tooth paste before I start gallon of milk before you open bar or bottle of shampoo...etc. Why can't I just open 3 different tubes of tooth paste? I like using something up and then being able to throw it away! If it comes to the end of a bottle of shampoo...I pour the leftover into a full bottle! I love doing that! Why can't I be that organized with all aspects of my life? It is coming slowly! Do you ever make a to do list and already write down things you have done that day...just so you can mark it off right then? If so...welcome to my club! Hopefully Neil's ticker will go down quickly...but not as quickly as mine!


Lindsay Dunn said...

You're so funny!! I am not organized at all. well, I could be... so I guess I'm just lazy!=D Anyway good luck winning your ticker race!!

MB North said...

HAHAHAH Girl and you left shampoo conditioner at my house? Want me to mail it to you so you can finish it??